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Mad Max: Fury Road

Last night we saw Mad Max: Fury Road.  Aside from the obvious joys of two hours of the sublime Charlize Theron (my favorite African-American actress), who is really the star of the film, the post-apocalyptic world built by Director George Miller is imaginative, colorful, and cruelly-drawn, deftly balancing practical effects and CGI.

In essence, MM:FR is a chase film with an allegory for the corrupt core of a male-centric society and the rise of female dominion.  It unfolds will little exposition; in fact, it could easily be a silent film with only a musical score to accompany it--though the score isn't all that great.  Neither, surprisingly, is Tom Hardy, who mails it in in the rare occasion where the titular character plays second banana, kind of like Django Unchained.  (I believe Tom devoted all of his acting acumen to his supporting role inThe Revenant.)  Nicholas Hoult, though, is very good as a bald evil minion converted by love.

MM:FR is nominated for 10 Oscars, second only to The Revenant's 12.  A guess here is that George Miller could pull what Ang Lee did in Life of Pi: win Best Director along with several technical awards, but definitely not Best Picture.

8 out of 10


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