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The Big Short

Excellent black comedy that had many LOL moments and a terrific ensemble, especially an autistic Christian Bale and a neurotic Steve Carell.  Three parallel stories drive the fast-paced plot about four men who predict the 2007 US housing credit crisis and financial meltdown. 

This is complex stuff, though.  To make dolts like me truly understand what was happening, the film-makers had the inspiration to break the fourth wall: They used real people, speaking directly to the camera--pairing Selena Gomez with an Economics professor, Chef Anthony Bourdain, and Margot Robbie (who was in Wolf of Wall Street--to provide metaphors that both entertained and educated.  

In the end, the movie may have been too glib by half.  Maybe that was necessary, though, because The Big Short cements any anti-Wall Street, anti-government, anti-unchecked Capitalism feelings one might have. Brad Pitt is producing some very important movies these days, and this one should be required viewing before anyone goes to the polls this fall.

9 out of 10


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