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Unlike other Marvel movies, Deadpool is irreverent, raunchy, rude, crude, and violent.  It's an entry and an origin story in its own right.  It's also a satire of superhero movies and at he same time a loving homage whose irreverence makes us laugh at them even as it reminds us why we love them.

Ryan Reynolds is Wade Wilson, former special forces operative who performs altruistic services to pass the time.  Make no mistake, though, Wade is an anti-hero whose good deeds provide cover to commit petty larceny, felonious assaults, and snarky insults.  He hangs out with kindred spirits at a seedy bar, whose barkeep is what passes for his best friend.

Early on, he meets the love of his life, a badass prostitute named Vanessa (Morena Baccarin, who coincidently was a badass concubine in the cult TV showFirefly).  Their torrid love is interrupted by a singular tragedy, which precipitates events that make this human mayhem machine even more lethal and drives a simple plot of vengeance.

Deadpool is Stan Lee meets Quentin Tarantino.  Foul-mouthed characters deliver current cultural references, rapid-fire jokes and over-the-top cartoon violence.  Self-aware and self-referential, Deadpool is a joke that it's already in on, and it has no problems breaking the fourth wall to make sure the audience is in on it, tit; in fact, at one point, he breaks the "sixteenth wall" (you'll see).

8 out of 10


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