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John DeFrank, Ed.D. is a career educator who has worked in public and private schools. Starting as a social studies teacher, he moved on to school counseling before dedicating most of his career to serving as an administrator for special education and alternative education, specializing in behavioral disorders. During this time, John served on the School Mental Health Project/Center for Mental Health in Schools (UCLA), the Pennsylvania State Alternative Education Committee, the Pennsylvania State Safe Schools Planning Committee, and Co-chaired the Lebanon Collaborative Network, a group that coordinates the efforts of schools, social agencies and mental health providers in assisting children in need.

John coached high school and college football for thirteen years. As a high school head coach, he won a Lancaster-Lebanon (PA) League Championship and was selected Coach of the Year in 1977. He holds a black belt in Moo Duk Kwan, and has dabbled in Tai Chi and Aikido.

Since his retirement from the Pennsylvania public school system, John has kept busy writing, serving as an Educational Consultant with The Center for Innovative Education Solutions, and as Board Advisor for the Kid Angel Foundation. He also spends a few hours a week as a fitness instructor with the Granada Gym and Fitness Center in Hershey, PA. John’s main priority, though, is spending time with his family.

After graduating from Westmont Hilltop High School in Johnstown, PA, John achieved a Bachelor of Arts in History and a Master of Science in School Counseling from Millersville (PA) University, and a Doctor of Education in Educational Leadership from Temple University. His Doctoral thesis was an ethnographic study of change, and his Masters thesis, a study of existential counseling, achieved an “Honors” grade from his department.

John and his wife Jamie reside in Hershey. They have three children—Laura, Brian, and Ethan—and a swamp bear named Maddie.


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