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Hello and welcome.  You have arrived here and you are probably wondering why you’ve bothered to read this far.  It’s entirely possible that you were looking for something else (a serendipitous slip of finger on keyboard, perhaps).  Where you have landed is, a site managed by the eponymous John DeFrank, FilmZ, and Guy Sobriquet Malone, Researcher.  If you intended to be elsewhere, now would be a good time to go.

All right, since you’ve stayed this long, you might as well make the best of it.  The it of which I write is the only author site where people talk about movies.  The connection between books and movies: Well, what is a movie but a book people are too lazy to read?  Or: What is a book but a movie that lasts a long—a long, long—time?

So, go to the blog if you want to discuss movies, and during intermission, please visit our concession stand to discover John DeFrank’s novel, Condemned to Freedom, or read a synopsis of his work-in-progress, Whoever Fights Monsters: A Novel.

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