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Condemned To Freedom - Reviews


"I love mysteries, and after finishing Condemned to Freedom I was sad to leave this superbly twisting tale that kept me guessing until the end. In some ways, it was like a very good Agatha Christie novel: the quaint-on-the-surface-but-evil-underneath setting, the victim who had scarred so many lives, the varied cast of potential suspects." Read more...

--ask David

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"Call it a mystery with a moral but first-time novelist John DeFrank delivers both with stunning success in Condemned to Freedom, set in a public school in the Pennsylvania Dutch Country. It should be noted that in this case Freedom is both the name of the fictional town and county the book takes place in as well as an allegorical reference to the responsibility that goes with the state of being." Read more...

--Malcolm A. Kline
Accuracy in Academia


"DeFrank possesses a gift to draw both teens and adults into this murder mystery with his well-developed characters and an intelligent, witty writing style. The layered plot in a school setting wil l keep readers in suspense until the very last chapter."

--Alice Knutsen
Humantities teacher


"I rarely read current fiction, much of it being intellectually flabby. Condemned to Freedom has none of that. It flexes twists and turns of plot, gripping situations of intense social and educational impact, while relentlessly pelting with John DeFrank's indefatigable wit. My highest compliment: I read every page."

--Thomas DeAngelis
School Board President, Bishop McDevitt High School


"Condemned to Freedom provides a capsule of many of my experiences as a thirty-eight year secondary educator. The mystery weaves drama and suspense through some of the perils of public schools. Counselor Randori, a knight in shining armor, peppers the story with satire and humor, common weapons of wise educators. A very clever and insightful account of a "behind the scenes" view of public education."

--Frank Kuhn
Retired School Counselor
Retired Coach


"What's so refreshing about John DeFrank's book is its originality. It's different. It's full of academic mischief. And some of the characters are just devilishly fun to follow.

As a screenwriter, I am constantly reminded that the reader had better want to turn the page, or else it's on to the next script.  The character, Randori, is a rebel with an education who pulls you into his world of risk. But he's a hero with flaws. In today's motion picture world, it would be easy to latch onto him from the get-go. … Once you begin to

read this one, the story will grip you and head for the deep!"

--Brian Kreider
Executive Director, Pennsylvania Historic Dramas
The Blue Eyed Six, What Would Mister Hershey Say?
Writer/Director/Producer – CNN, TNT, NFL Films